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Experience with Visitor's Permit? (Johannesburg)

Hello dear Joburgians,

does anyone of you has experience on a repeated business travel to RSA on a Visitor's Permit? The Permit is like a short term working permit that is valid for max 90 days and can be issued on urgent assignments. I am in Joburg on such a Permit.

My client wants me to stay until the end of the validity of my Visitor's Permit. Then I would go home, but after three weeks he wants me to come back for another short assignment of two weeks. The embassy told me that the application must include a motivational letter of my client, but of course they did not tell me the chances the application will get accepted.

Does anyone of you have experience with a repeated issue of a visitor's permit? Did you get it without problem? What are the chances the application gets approved?

Thanks in advance,

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