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Freelance Intercultural Trainers (Johannesburg)

Are you an Intercultural Trainer or Interested in becoming a Cultural Trainer?

Relocation-International is looking for Intercultural Trainers starting at the soonest.

If you do not know what an Interculturist is and to know if you qualify, please read on.

An intercultural trainer consults and trains their client or target group on the different cultural styles and behavior between different countries and how to handle various cross cultural situations based upon language, gender, business, politics, body language, etc. A cross cultural trainer helps in bridging the cultural divide between various nations or communities. In the case of Relocation-International we help settle better and prepare expatriate families from abroad who have been assigned to work in South Africa. Studies have shown that such preparation increases the success rate of the expatriate assignment hugely saving costs, time and effort both for the family and the company involved.


Trainers come from a vast range of backgrounds:
Non – Negotiable - EXPAT EXPERIENCE – minimum of 2 years. More would be preferred and especially if you have lived and worked in more than 1 different country or continent.
HR consultants or managers
Aid workers
Business people
Social workers
Anyone who has lived and worked abroad
Speak at least one foreign language is a plus but not a requirement
All should have extensive on the ground experience in the assignment country

Whether you are interested in people, different cultures, intercultural training, coaching, diversity work, education, ESL teaching, human resources, conflict mediation, counseling, or leadership development, there are increasing opportunities in South Africa, Africa and all over the world for intercultural work.

Please note that having a particular professional or academic history is neither an asset nor a liability in the intercultural profession.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are really interested and in the possibilities it presents.

What significant experiences have you had working across cultures? Living in another culture?

What transferable skills from your work experience and cultural background might serve you well in a new intercultural context?

Have you at ever either trained, educated, managed, administrated, mediated, or advised others? Do you have existing skills that will advance this ambition?

Are you changing careers, just starting out, looking for freelance or contract work, seeking career enhancement, without work and need an avenue to use your experience and skills?

If you are a qualified or experienced Intercultural Trainer or
If you want to be an Interculturist

• Email Kim Knight, MD of Relocation-International by Fri march 29th.
• Email Address: Protected content
• Please attach your CV or Profile

Kim looks forward to hearing from all qualified applicants.

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