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Gives 67 minutes of YOUR time - BABIES BEHIND BARS (Johannesburg)

Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time leading up to July 18th, by doing something good! My colleagues at Graffiti will be taking the donations to the foundations on Thursday 18h July.

Babies behind Bars cares for children ages 0 to 2 years who, are born and live in jail with their incarcerated mothers. The children who by law have to leave at the age of two years are subjected to a rather harsh life behind bars.

Their basic human needs such as proper nutrition, clothing, diapers, blankets, toys, bottles and toiletries often not readily available, and the organization has taken the responsibility to ensure that while the babies are behind bars, they are well cared for. Our passion is little people and we believe that every child has the right to be properly cared for and this is the reason why ‘Babies Behind Bars’ was born. 85% of our donations go towards black recipients. -
It’s the organizations dream to make a difference no matter how small, to bring a smile, to lessen the burden, and to ‘Unlock Hope’ where there is only despair.
Every little bit goes a long way...

Wish List
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TOILETRIES Ear Buds • Cotton Balls • Barrier Bum Cream • Fissan Paste • Baby Shampoo • Baby Conditioner • Moisturising Shampoo, Elizabeth Anne's Baby Soap • Baby Multi Wash • BAby Wash • Baby Cologne • Baby Poweder • Baby Lotion • PetroleumJelly • Aqueous Cream • Baby Wipes • Towel Nappies • Nappies (Huggies) • Disposable Nappies • Roller Tissue • Tissues • Chocco Orth Dummy • PAcifiers • Fish Bath Sponge • Brish and comb set • Nuby brish and comb set • White Brush and comb sets • Baby Oil Gel

BOTTLES Pigeon Bottles • Acvent Bottles • Plastic Avent Bottles • Normal Bottles • Bottle Teets • Toddler Feeding Cups • Baby Bottle Warmer • Cooye Non Spill cups • Pink Nuk Spill Cups • Pink Nuk Bottles • Pink Nuk Training cups

BEDDING Baby Pillows and Sheets • Fitted sheet • Non fitted sheets • Cushions • Baby support Cushions • Matrass • Baby sleeping bag • Baby blankets • Receiving Blankets • towels • Face cloths • Baby Carriers

FORMULA & FOOD Nestlé Lactogen • Nestlé Nido • Infacare Sooya • Nan • Nan (Pelargon) • Purity food • Soft Porridge • Marie Biscuits

If you have anything to donate, please drop me an mail Protected content or give me a call on Protected content


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