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Job!! Job!! (Johannesburg)

Hi everyon,

I am shifting to Joh' this month end because my husband is going 'on site'. I have done this once before and lived in Sandton for 10 months.

However, this time I really need to get on with my professional career. I have always been a working woman and would not want that to change this time.

However, I see that I am not being able to register onto any of the job sites, since I do not have a work permit. Its a catch 22 situation I find mhyself in; unless I have a job. I cann't apply for a work permit and unless I have a work permit, I cann't even get through applying. Am at a loss. I have experience as a journalist for two national dailies of India and my last job was as the head of client servicing for an advertising and events company. I have a dependent visa, I am smart, hardworking, educated, willing to put in my Protected content cent and earn my own living.

But here I am starting a thread to get me through this one!

Anyone have any ideas? or can help? or can refer? or provide some insights into how to go about this?



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