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medical certificate for work permit (Johannesburg)

Hi all,
I am sure many people have asked this a 1,000 times - but!
Me and my husband are moving to South Africa from Moscow in October. We are in the process of making the papers for the work permit and this medical certificate is a real pain in the neck - waay to vague for our Russian doctor here.
To get the certificate they are saying we need to make a 'neurological exam' (as part of mental health test), gyno exam (veneral diseases) and a ton of blood tests amongst other stuff.
Has this happened to anybody else? Does anybody know which veneral diseases and contagious conditions we actually need to be tested for? The form just says 'etc' which the clinic are taking a bit far.

For our Russian permits we had brief psych test (Dr just checked previous record and looked for track marks on our skin to check we are not junkies!), HIV and syphilis test, radiological scan and general health check up. Was hoping for SA it would be something similar...

Thanks for any helpful advice

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