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monthly pay required to live in JB (Johannesburg)

Hello all
I am sure it has been talked about, however, I would like to gain an understanding what monthly pay (tax already taken out) we should have (or desirable have) to live comfortably in Johannesburg.
I have read somewhere that R30,000 was a decent salary but I am not sure how this is supposed to work if rent is already that much or more.

What would you suggest, or what do other expats have?
My husband will be working (the lucky one being transferred to JB) and myself and our little son will come along.

And is it true that as an accompanying spouse of a work visa holder can apply for one when in the country. I read this in an south african law journal.

Anyhow this is not so important, but surely over time when I do want to work.

Any advice, tips and hits greatly appreciated.

I have read lots already, on this forums, other forums, internet etc but people who are there now are the best source!

We will be moving in January from Australia.

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