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Need information about properties (Johannesburg)

Good day,

I am looking for information on housing, particularly about rental agreement as owner in South Africa.

In France, it is possible to take an additional insurance to rental management:

Tenant duty:
- Insurance is compulsory and covers with a context defined by law.

Landlord duties:
1 - Insurance is not mandatory but is recommended (lack of insurance by the tenant in case of payment default, etc. ..)
2 - the landlord may also use a rental management.
3 - always optionally, the lessor may purchase additional insurance in addition to the rental management to cover:
3.2-consequential damage (including the amount of compensation above the amount of the deposit)
3.3-vacancy between two renting periods.

I haven't been successfully to obtain information on this additional insurance considering the rental management.

Maybe one of you is or was landlord, and he knows more?
Does this exist in South Africa ?

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