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Please be careful dealing with SA Homeloans! (Johannesburg)

I would like to warn all members about my shocking Experience with SA Homeloans and especially their Insurance Department and invite you all to join my FB group: "Beware of SA Homeloans and their Insurance"
In short: We lost our Home in June Protected content was completely destroyed by Fire. SAHL repudiated the Claim, doubled our Premium, kicked us when we were down and tried to avaoid liability using any trick in the Book.
We have proven them wrong- at a huge Cost, got a provisional Ruling from the Ombudsman in our favor and then found out about their limited Jurisdiction of R 1 million. We refused to waive the balance and later were made an "Offer to reinstate the Building" that included waiving Claims for Loss of Rent, Cofidentiality for anyone with knowledge of the matter and it was formulated in an ileagal manner. We are now (after over 19 months and more than R 200.000.- spent) taking legal action against them. We have proof of tactics and strategies applied by SA Homeloans that can only be described as criminal. Iam slowly gearing up for a big Media Release and am inviting any Journalists that are interested to cover this based entirely on the truth. You may also inbox me on Protected content

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