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Schooling (Johannesburg)

Hello - we are in the process of deciding whether to re-locate to Johannesburg for two years. Our children are currently in a prep school in the UK. Our current concern is that our August born child who has already completed a year in reception in the UK (he is not yet 5 years old) would have to start in reception again over there even though he would already be well into year 1 by January (which I believe is the start of the new term). We are worried that he would be effectively a year and a half behind his school mates when he returns. He is reading well and writing which I understand children is SA don't learn until they are 7.

I understand that the international schools are probably better for our situation however there are no British international schools for his age. I like the idea of the French or German schools and the language immersion but am concerned that this may be a little stressful for him?!

If you have been in a similar situation I would love to hear from you.

Thank you

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