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STRANDEDand homeless in joburg-please help! (Johannesburg)


Hello everybody,
I am a uk citizen and I have been travelling africa for a while and recently i went to botswana, gaborone but having planned to stay 3 months I left a week ago only staying a week, as i had a very upsetting and traumatic experience from the begining to the end of my visit, resulting in me being unable to secure long-term stay as the accomadation fell through. I visited the british high commision in botswana but they were unable to help me finacially.
I have spoken to friends and family, contacted my bank I even tried for payday loans but again i have had no luck there either so i am pretty much STRANDED!

I desperately want to get back to u.k but i dont have enough money for the flight back home (I only got a one way to gaborone ) Gaborone hotels took all my money and so i ended up pretty much homeless whilst i was there.
The little money I had left I used to come to take a bus to j'burg - right now im staying at a cheap hostel in j'burg as there wasnt anything cheap enough in Gabs.

Bascially I need advice as to how to get a least £220/ R4,022.45 to get a ticket back to uk.
If anyone has a job, knows of any employers looking for foriegn expats, money lenders or any way to secure funds or any people who could advise me on my next step or anyone who would allow me to stay with them for a short while please get back to me asap.
I only have enough money stay in joburg for one day after that i am gonna be homeless- again so again, if anyone would be gracious enough to allow me to stay with them for a short while i would be unbeliveably grateful.
I am at my wits end and have run out of options so please do not ignore this post if you have any information that could be valuable please do not hesitate to get in touch I will be extremely grateful.

You can message/inbox me or email me at Protected content
Look forward to recieving any replies.
btw it was mybirthday on tuesday it wasnt a "great" one!


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