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Teenager school (Johannesburg)

Hi all,

I'm living in Congo, my daughter is student at Prettoria since 2 years.
I look to find a solution for my son who have 15 years , we don't have school in my country, i'm single mother, than it's not to easy to give good education to him because we just have nothing here to help us and seen the expenses it is difficult for me to send him to study somewhere else.
I'm thinking about may be an host family not expensive one who will care to my son,for the first 3 month he'll need to learn english,at the biginning he can go to the language lab like my daughter after what, we'll can find a school and he'll can stay in host family.

If i had a lot of money this problems to give a good education to my would be not more problem !!

In hopping, someone will revert to me with any solution to help us, thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad speacking ;)


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