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Things to do in and around South Africa/Joburg (Johannesburg)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't mind, as this may be a repeat post, but I can't seem to find any threads on the matter with much detail !!

I am on an assignment moving to Johannesburg for at least the next 6 months, and would really like to take advantage of the opportunity and do as much as possible in the limited number of weekends I have. (don't want to waste any my weekends)

If you were to suggest 12 things that should not be missed when in Johannesburg and South Africa in general, what would they be?! (this includes weekend getaways - which I am defiinately planning on doing, as well exploring things around the city)

A couple more specific questions:
Kruger - how long is sufficient? Best way to do this - a tour company? (would it make sense going with a tour company on your own?)
Cape Town - what are things that should not be missed, if here for 3/4 days?

Look forward to hearing from you!! and thanks in advance to your responses!

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