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Work Permit Assistance (Johannesburg)


Hello, I've been in Johannesburg or 6+ months and actively seeking full-time work. So far, I got two offers from international companies which I turned down because of a bad fit. I am now interviewing with another company who is very interested, but the HR department tells me that it is virtually 'impossible' to hire a foreigner. They asked me if I can come in as a contractor, but does that mean it's easier to get a work permit?

Is there anyone who can help me with the work permit process? From my research, I saw that there were three types of work permits:
1. quota
2. exceptional skills
3. general

I don't think I qualify for #1 but possibly for #2 and #3. Is there anyone who can work with me and prospective company to get the GENERAL work permit processed without too much hassle?

Thank you.

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