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work permit experience (Johannesburg)

Hi everbody,

I’m about to apply for general work permit and hope somebody here might be able to share their experience.

I got a job offer and my new company and I have prepared documents needed for the application.
FYI – I have to apply on my own since this isn’t intracompany transfer or similar

Has anybody been through this process recently? (By recently I mean since the new legislation in Protected content

Is there anything you wish you knew/would help if you knew before applying?

Any experiences regarding time lines? Protected content or more?

My employer will provide proofs that they were unable to find a SA citizen with qualifications and experience equal to the applicant.
From what I hear, SA Department of Labour will search and try to find a "suitable" candidate for the position.
Do you know what happens here? Do they really manage find somebody more or less suitable and how often does that happen?

I tried to find an article or any info related to this subject written by somebody who has gone through the process in the past 6 months.
Unsuccessful so far - only articles written by immigration companies..

Thanks a lot!

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