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BOOK CLUB 2014 (Kampala)

Hello All
Am Nada, a writer, stage poet.spoken word performer and singer. I started an activity group last year called Poetry meets in Kampala. but this year, I want to also involve a book club meeting. Reading through the various comments on the book club post, I saw that many people were interested and maybe still are, but their was no one who really came out to start the book club so I wanna do that.

Lets start with a book exchange evening. If you have a book that you would love to share/lend and if you want to borrow a book, then feel free to join us, you will share with us why you want to share the book, what lesson you have learn from the book. etc
Writers are invited as well. they too can share/read for us their articles/stories etc then we could have a comment/question section later. as a writer, feed back helps a great deal. the main reason for starting all this is to revive the reading culture among us.

The book exchange evening will be at my second home in Zana. refreshments/snacks will be on the house, there is parking. etc

So if you are interested and you have a book that you want to share ,or if you want to borrow a book. generally if you want to join the Poetry meet/book club group, please comment here. would love to know who is interested. that will help me know what day and time we can do this, as that has been said, please invite your self to my group KAMPALA POETRY MEETS.

Cheers to all of yah. LETS READ. LETS WRITE. LETS MEET

cheers to all.

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