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Different approach getting job (Kampala)


Hi everyone,
We are a couple and after long considerations we have decided to spend the second part of our life in Africa, possibly in Kampala. My wife is an appreciated Italian architect and I am a German business development manager, occupied in numerous start-up launches in the past. In spite of our graduate degrees, in Architecture and Foreign Trade Administration and our long working experience, we find difficulties to get a job from Italy for Kampala.

Does anyone know a good approach to get a job when we’ll be in Kampala in January?

I could improve, for example, the international market position of local industries, to be engaged in a new start-up or representing foreign companies in Uganda. My wife, specialized in interior design, would like to be involved in renovations and furnishing of houses and buildings.
We would be glad for any good information and, why not, become friends in the future.

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