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Entebbe burglaries (Kampala)

A warning to anyone planning to move to Entebbe that it is not a particularly safe place and burglary seems to be a big industry here. In December after I had been here for 2 weeks my house was broken into (actually I believe they had a key) and I was robbed of most valuables. Today I met a couple who had an almost identical experience last night, the thieves also took their car after finding the key. I have also met others who have been burgled. The thieves are quite professional, the general approach is:

- scope out muzungus / foreigners living in a house without fulltime security (even if you are in a compound with other houses). How they do the scoping is not clear but may be through landlord, property agent, boda boda drivers, neighbours etc
- open a window in bedroom (or cut glass) and spray chloroform to stop people waking
- cut metal bars, locks etc as necessary to get in
- take anything easily saleable but leave passports, cards etc
- leave doors and windows open and stuff strewn around that they didn't want

They tend to strike at 1-2am esp when it is raining so the tracker dog can't follow them the next day.

To spare yourself this unpleasantness, don't move in anywhere unless you will have proper security (a person) especially at night, as well as barbed wire, steel gates etc. Don't be lulled by Entebbe's leafy sleepiness and think it is safer than Kampala, it is less safe in my view.

have a safe time!

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