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I am pretty sure most of us eat out a couple of times a week (in my case its 7 days a week) and always wonder what next place to try out or go to that one place again and again - why not do it with a bunch of people who love trying out new places.

What I propose here, ladies and gentleman (drum roll) is to form a FOOD LOVERS group here in Kampala.

We have a lot of expats and a lot of locals who are on this community and who know of awesome places. There are restaurants from so many parts of the world here in Kampala and so many remain unexplored plus its a good way to meet new people and have a good night out in the city.

Depending on the preference, number of people etc etc. we could maybe do it once a week to start and then see how enthusiastic people are and play it by the ear.

What do you reckon folks? (o o o o and also give the group a fun name)

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