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Internet speed (Kampala)

I am having very bad experience with my Vodafone Internet connection. Paid 350,000 Shillings with very low upload speeds and download speeds far below the 10Mbps promised.

I have been told (not by Vodafone) that the upload speed is terrible for all providers with not much agreement as to the cause. My upload speed is about 0.15Mbps - that in conjunction with unstable connection makes Skype impossible.

Is everyone experiencing worse Internet speed in Kampala now? Has anyone got a good experience with a provider for 350,000 shillings per month for unlimited download at 10Mbps?

By the way, if you want to check your Internet speed, go to When the map appears, put your cursor on Nairobi and pick one of the options - I usually use the Seacom site as I have been told that it is accurate. Click on the test button and it will run a ping test, then download speed test and finally an upload test. Download speeds are usually far faster than upload - almost no Internet provider will give you any promise about upload speed.

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