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Language Classes, Writing, Proofreading, Yoga (Kampala)

After living in Germany for the last 12 years, I moved back to Uganda in February this year. I am presently a fulltime volunteer and student of Buddhism at the Uganda Buddhist Centre in Bulega, Entebbe. As the UBC still needs their volunteers and students to be financially independent, I am presently seeking part-time / freelance work (preferably work that can be done off the client’s premises or that does not require me to leave Bulega for extended periods of time). Please send any serious enquiries to my email address below. I will avail my C.V. if necessary. I would also be thankful for any serious tips pointing me in the direction of companies / institutions etc. that might need the services I can offer.

• German-English / English-German Translation Services
• Business and Academic Proofreading and Editing
• Business and Academic Writing (English and German)
• English Classes
• German Classes (Beginner to Intermediate)
• At no fee - Introduction to: Yoga (Asanas) and (Vipassana) Meditation

• Over 10 years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language in Germany plus translation experience:
 Berlitz English Instructor and Business English Workshop Leader (Corporate and Private Clients, University Students; Essential, Academic, and Business English)
 Further freelance English Teaching (at various German companies and one secondary school)
 German – English Translation Services
 Business and Academic Writing (English and German)
 Business and Academic Proofreading and Editing (English)
• Over 5 years studying and practicing yoga (mostly Jivamukti Yoga) with teachers in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany
• Experience in international trade and international business cooperation
• Experience in client acquisition and business development
• Ability to communicate comfortably at various levels
• Excellent social and intercultural skills
• Multidisciplinary knowledge and experience
• Previous experience working in Uganda at management level with a multinational logistics company specialized in large-scale infrastructure projects

Degree held: Bachelor’s (BA) in Foreign Trade & International Management
Awarding institution: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany
Research field:
Economic theories, concepts, and policies of development; economic growth vs development

Contact details: Protected content

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