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Moving to Zambia or Uganda (Kampala)

It seems likely that our family might be moving to Zambia or Uganda shortly. I have 4 kids and to start with only my husband will be working. I have a load of questions and any info about these two countries will be most welcome.
Here goes...
· How are the schools?
· How safe it is for kids?
· How safe it is for a lady to drive?
· Traffic?
· Cost of living ?
· Price per Prado Protected content ?
· Night life?
· Entertainment for the family?
· How to overcome missing the beach? We've never lived in a land-locked
country before.
· Is fish available? What kind?
· What is the amount required for the grocery bill, for a family of 6 ?
· How about the cost of rent for a house of 4/5 bed rooms with spacious
· How is golf? Is it a good turf? Is it expensive?
· How good are the gyms? Do you get one near the schools?
· What is the best area to settle?
. Medical facilities?
. Domestic help?

Thx all. - Charu

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