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Pet for sale (Kampala)

Hi Friendz,
I got a nice black dog named Jerry Black [ I apologize if there could be a member by this name] but would like to sell him off. He is 7 months old, energetic but will need ones support in alittle more training i have tried myself, he understands when you speak to him and i have also groomed him to bathe. He is so loving and can be fun, he only feeds on meat, milk, and the soya meal that is not mixed up with any soup or milk.

I have taken care of all his immunizations and he's got a card to prove this, plus a contact Dr who can visit him whenever.
Im selling him off though wouldn't coz i want to retain the 3 month's old Tom Rex that i have recently got.
I can send the pictures incase anybody is interested.

Bless you.

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