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Safety Tips during Election Period (Kampala)

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We currently do not foresee any trouble during the election period. However, as the dates for elections draw near, we thought it would be useful to offer a few practical tips in the run up to elections next month Protected content – 3 March) just in case there are any disruptions to our ability to work as well as essential supplies, particularly around the elections period.
1. Protected content emergency supplies of water, candles and matchboxes at home.

2. Protected content a 2 week stock of non perishable food supplies for your family.

3. Protected content your mobile phone has enough credit and is fully charged at all times.

4. Protected content that your vehicle is topped up with fuel (maintain at least half a tank of fuel at all times) and serviced.

5. Protected content your ears to the ground. Listen to all news broadcasts updates and follow news updates on local and international tv stations.

6. Protected content required avoid unnecessary movement and keep in doors. When you must move, carry your staff ID

7. Protected content your ID at all times
8. Protected content contacts to your local police station
9. Protected content some money (cash) safely with you
10. Protected content a few necessities in a bag (ready to pick and go) in case you have to move (clothes, torch, matchbox, water, toothbrush/paste, medicine, money, beddings etc)
11. Protected content up early for the night

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