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School coding club opportunity (Kampala)

Can you imagine a future where Ugandan children and youth apply strong analytical, design and programming skills to solve the problems of Uganda? A bright future for Uganda depends on today’s young people, and it is vital that we all develop this talent while it is young.

A Ugandan startup I know called Mindset Coders shares this vision, and to effect it, has created a unique way for primary and secondary school students to realise their 'programming' potential and complement the standard education curriculum in Uganda, filling a gap unable to be met by most schools.

The core concept is school based coding clubs, like a school football team, enabled by events, competitions, training and mentoring at primary and secondary levels.

Mindset Coders believes this idea will enable our students to join the global revolution that will see them competing with the best around the world, work for the likes of Google, create interesting new jobs, and support exciting developments both at home and abroad.
Called Code Club Uganda, it will be officially launched in Protected content all schools and school going children to enable them to learn how to code by being part of a code club initiated at their respective schools and supported by the Code Club Uganda team of coders and trainers. It would love to engage with progressive schools, principals and teachers to establish its first cohort and test its model, with multiple benefits for schools, teachers and students.
If this appeals to you, or you know a know a school or teacher who may be interested, could you drop a name and contact detail in the comments below or PM me. Protected content

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