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Starting a High End Cover Band in Kampala?

Hi everyone! My husband and I ran a corporate cover band in the USA for 8 years providing quality entertainment at corporate events, conferences, conventions, festivals, annual Christmas/New Years parties etc., and are thinking of starting a similar band in Uganda. We understand that we won't be able to charge the rate we were getting in the US and are conducting research to see if the amount we are thinking of charging is in line with what a band of high calibre would charge.

This is NOT a cover band that plays restaurants, bars or nightclubs. It’s for corporate events, NGO functions, UN type events, etc.. Usually ‘one offs’ like annual Christmas parties, conventions, shareholder meetings and events of that type. The budgets are typically not a ‘cover charge’ collected from individuals at the door but entertainment budgets allocated on the corporate level.

For those of you on this forum who either book entertainment or might have similar events booked in the future, would 4,500,000 /= UGX (4.5 Million) for 2 hours be a rate you would pay for an 8 piece, high energy, exceptional musicianship, top quality band with a dazzling light show and sensational sound? The platform would be run on a professional website with an online booking engine, ability to pay by credit card, check, mobile money or cash, reasonable cancellation policy, in person planning consultation etc.

We’re just doing some due diligence before we spend the time and financial resources putting the band together.

If you could leave your comments below it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Fiona

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