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to arrive in Kampala

What about security in Kampala?
How to find a place (DHL...)?
What about internet?
What about atm and banks?
Which restaurant is good
(ugandan, italian, indian,...?
Where can I buy good meat?
What about drinking water?
Where is the hospital, doctor?
What is interesting in Kampala?
Where are the swimming pools?
What is interesting for children?
Where can I find furnitures, books?
Where can I book a lodge?
How much cost food on the market?
What about transport?
Where do I have to pay electricity bills?
What about culture, cinema...?
And so on.....

So many questions we had!
Hello. We are a family from Switzerland, living for one year in Kampala.
I’m a teacher and work in a school in Kampala.
Before leaving our country, we searched informations about this country and Kampala on Internet ( blog, forum...). We only found some answers and when you still don’t know the city it’s difficult to get a representation of the life here.
In our opinion Kampala is beautiful, full of smiles and colours, but it is also disorganized and at first it is difficult to find marks.
We are lucky to live in a plot among the family of the woman who rents us the house.
They helped us a lot during the first weeks to show us important places (where to pay electricity, water, repair the car, pay school fees,), inform us about the prices ( on the market for example), they gave and (still give us) many informations which made us feel at ease and begin our stay in Kampala mpola mpola (take it easy, slowly by slowly).
Paul a young student of this family gave us a lot of informations, details and anecdots about Uganda and Kampala. He is a trustful, calm, bright, outgoing young man.
He often helps us when we have little troubles and drives our three children every day back from school with our car.
As now we know quite well Kampala, we can offer our help, share our experiences and offer the services of Paul ( remuneration to discuss for him, nothing else to sell that rendered service ).
We can even answer some questions before you arrive in Kampala, organize transfer from Entebbe airport ( which is about 35 km from Kampala) with a good taxi company.
Don’t hesitate to write us!

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