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Warning! (Kampala)

Hey Friends hop your are all fine, I want this to go to all the new members in this city and those who dint know about this, terrible, terrible, terrible please be care full when using taxis, this is what happened to me
In February this year just only one month when i had just come back. I was with my girlfriend a Swedish on Entebbe road opposite freedom city the taxi came with some few guys inside about 5 of them one seated in front with the driver and other three in the first seat when these guys saw us waiting for the taxi the conductor asked us weather we were going we said yes because we were heading to the zoo, when we were entering they told my girlfriend to sit on the second seat but they refused me to sit there saying that the back seats were wet they forced me to sit in front which I did.We started moving but after just few meters the driver told me to help him fix the side mirror which I did , Friends please be careful.In the process of doing this its when the guy who had seated with me in front touched in my back pocket and pulled out my warret I had 200,000ug sh and Protected content kronor. they took the warret, when we reached Namasuba imagine just few meters away from where we had boarded from the driver told us to go in another taxi that the one we had seated in had some mechanical conditions, please friends read this carefully especially our new members in this kampala city, be careful be careful please. thanks

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