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Work Permit Documents for an Expatriate Employee‏ (Kampala)

My name is Inamoto, a Japanese from Japan.

I have recently been recieved an acceptance letter from a

travel agency based in Kampala (Ugandan company).

I`m going to be hired and start to work for that company as

soon as I obtain a work permit.

Now, I have some questions to ask you about Class G2 Expatriate worker VISA.

According to the visa information shown on the website

of Ministry of Internal Affairs Uganda,

it doesn`t show what kinds of documents to be submitted

to the Ministry, apart from VISA Fee of USD Protected content year.

Then, I searched another website that shows more specific details.


According to that website, the documents (Class G2

Expatriate Employee) to be submitted are...


• Fill Entry Permit form.
• 2 passport size photos.
• Photocopies of passport.
• Academic qualifications.
• Letter of good conduct.
• Appointment letter.
• Covering letter.
• Proof of failure to employ a Ugandan.
• Investment letter.
• Income tax clearance.
• Articles and memorandum of association.
• Trading license.
• Security bond.
• Company’s bank statement.
• Certificate of incorporation.

Are those the documents to be submitted to the Ministry?

And, what are the details of " Academic qualifications " and

" Letter of good conduct " ?

Is " Academic qualification " my English-translated University

graduation Certificate " ?

Is " Letter of good conduct " a English-translated None-Criminal Record

issued by the department of Japanese Police?

If there are any legal changes about Class G2 Expatriate Employee VISA,

please inform me of the details.

Thank you.



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