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Best SOLO Outdoor Sports + What Are YOUR Hobbies?? (Karachi)

Hey guys,

Okay, so it seems there is no surfing scene in Karachi.

I was wondering what solo outdoor sport has the best presence in the Karachi area. I really like outdoor sports/activities but don't want to do anything that needs groups because it's pretty much impossible to reliably find and organize groups of Pakistanis.

I was thinking of stuff like rock climbing, river kayaking, paddleboarding, skateboarding parks?, motocross, etc. If anyone has advice, I'd really appreciate it. I'm coming back to Karachi and need some kind of outdoor physical adrenaline rush.


PS. Also, what are your guys' hobbies/sports? I'm pretty quick to pick things up, just looking for an idea of what's going to have lots of people.

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