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Chicks only Meet Up in Karachi

Ok ladies and chicks in Karachi,
A few of us have been meeting up when we can, and its females only. Us expat ladies need to be talking and chatting and meeting and supporting each other here as I know there are a few of you who are feeling quite alone.

Its also important to be drinking coffee and eating cake!

Some of us meet up regular when we can and if any chicks want to come, ALL are invited, just inbox me on my profile and Ill give you the date/time etc.There is one today, yes its short notice but I only thought to post now. Ill post up the date of the next one in plenty of time and these meets are always in a safe area.

I would post it up on the forum but then Im sure guys would probably turn up also and we want to keep this for chicks only so they can discuss chick things in comfort.

Sorry me you arent missing out on conversation :-)

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