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Fresh Med-Grad's Melancholia (Karachi)

My name is Eman A. Khaled, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I recently finished medical school from Karachi and look forward to continuing Internship as well.
My profound interest in Public Health led to active contribution to Research work and landed my first publication in Pakistan Journal of Surgery on Universal Precautions. I strongly believe in public service and channel my energies into to volunteer duties at various hospitals, Pakistan Red Crescent Society and the Rotaract Club of Karachi.
I've been creating specialized, user-friendly leaflets for malaria and vaccination awareness programs targeted to the less-fortunate masses.

I have been writing since five years and contributed freelance work to various magazines including Gulf news and Saudi Gazette. Currently, I'm a blogger at JPMS. I also write conference proceedings/abstracts, Clinical Images, News Articles and Medical Reports

Living in Karachi has become increasingly difficult for me. Especially considering the fact that I live alone (my guardians reside in KSA); I have by now a lot of ups and downs listed in my experience, which sometimes have had me hindered from my objective of serving humanity.
I think twice about getting out every day, delivering quality treatment to my patients and feeling satisfied.
I took up a service that catered to provision of basic health facilities at a slum; unfortunately had to drop out because of inadequate security measures for our team.
Also, remote access becomes a problem now entirely because of lack of security measures; which should be a requisite taking in to account the health crisis in the country.

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