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In search of a paying guest (Karachi)

I live as a paying guest with the very lovely Farida Amin in PECHS block 6, not far from Naheed supermarket and Tariq Rd. Farida is now looking for a paying guest to stay in a vacant room in her apartment - for the moment it is just the two of us living together. She prefers a single woman.

Farida is the most loving person, and it is truly an awesome experience to have a Pakistani mom, giving me as much love as her own daughter. It comes with some restrictions, to make sure auntie is comfortable, but it is such a cool way to get to know Karachi, I can strongly recommend it.

If you are interested drop me an email and let's take it from there. Also feel free to spread the word to people you know of who are looking for a place. You can contact me on email Protected content

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