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Breaking the language barrier !!!!!! (Karlsruhe)

Breaking the language barrier and the joys of expat slang!

Life as an expat can often be full of challenges from adjusting to life in an unfamiliar environment to getting to grips with the local currency, making new friends and dealing with a completely new language and dialect.

Almost every country has its own set of local sayings and pieces of slang that not only add to the cultural experience of expat life but also provide an opportunity for misuse, the odd faux-pas and a lot of laughs. From the Aussie “Fair dinkum” to the Spanish “Chalado” (cha-la-doe - Crazy or nuts. Estar chalado = To be crazy or nuts) expats can often face a tough time when grappling with the local dialect.

Thankfully there are lots of resources out there from phone Apps like iLingual to a whole range of expat blogs and dictionaries which can help ease the transition and get you up to speed in no time Or perhaps you could take a leaf out of the book of Amy Walker who with her amazing ability with accents could probably blend in almost anywhere!

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