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Finding joy in a new culture: 1on1 phone coaching! (Karlsruhe)

Hello, fellow expats!

I'm happily living in Karlsruhe Weststadt now, but my first year in Germany was a bit of a shock! I'd learned the ropes in Canada, built a lovely life, and I thought I'd just skip across ocean and keep on with it here. How different could it be? Aha...

What an amazing journey it is, to fully "arrive" in a new culture: figuring out where to find the resources I need; discovering unexpected similarities and deep but invisible differences; deciding when to adopt new ways and when to be charmingly different!

To my fellow expat adventurers and their families I offer one-on-one coaching in English, French and German. My particular interest is: people braving new challenges: whether it be a long-distance move, a change of career, or a change of lifestyle. I'll help you explore and use your strengths, and create your own unique and healthy balance.

Coaching goes far beyond listening and sympathising! You and I become a team, and our project is shaping a joyful and satisfying life for you here: at work, at home, in society. Anyone can "survive" the expat life, but there is so much more in you! I'll help you dream big dreams and then discover how make them real - I'll help you bring your unique and wonderful self to "a bigger game" that makes you and those around you happier! I am a Co-active Professional Certified Coach - if you are curious, you can read more on my website about how I work and what I offer.

How does coaching work? We start with a free, no obligation "chemistry session" so we can get to know one another and to see how we work together. During this hour we will explore your vision of a more satisfying life, and I'll explain how together we can co-design a program to help you get there, guided by your own vision and values.

In addition, I'd be happy to meet with you in person, somewhere in Karlsruhe. I have clients all over the globe, with whom I do not have that advantage... this is one reason I would love to work with people nearer to my new home - like you! :-)

I look forward to meeting you, or someone else you know who is ready to stretch and grow into their full potential!


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