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Majolika-Problems (Karlsruhe)


I visited the Majolika event but the security (bouncers) did not let me in, for apparently no reason. The bogus reason they told me were my shorts.
In the reality, the shorts covered my knees and had a large pocket (later about that!).

Security denied there is any event in Majolika associated with us.
Ultimately Thomas Scholz of Majolika (apparently he is the owner?),

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came out and confirmed, there is no event and I should not be let in as I wasn't invited.

So far so good, this could be called "incompetence" and "bad attitude".

However, things became a case I had to report to the police.

1) I had my keys and wallet in my pocket and I quickly verified, all they are there. (So indeed, everyone confirmed by event, my pants had POCKET!).
One of the bouncers felt being "threatened" (by something non-existing in the pocket) and assaulted my physically.
I asked for police, I was told stop yelling, "otherwise they will take me in the forest and KILL". Yes, KILL, and I am not joking.
The death treat was confirmed by perpetrator to Mr. Scholz, arguing that he (a huge man!) felt to be "threatened".

2) I asked a colleague of him not to call me by name ("Du").
As a response, I was publicly called "Arschloch" ("Asshole") multiple times.

The establishment itself is not very sympathetic. The music is very loud and the public is not what I would call "typical citizen of Karlsruhe".

Next to the entrance I did notice several mafiosi cars, most owned by the bouncers. Given the cars the death treat (see above) looked like something quite possible.

I do not know what is the solution today to the problem what happened yesterday. In any case - even if they apologize - I would never set my foot there. As said, I made a police report (and the police station knew quite well the millieu of Majolika) already.

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