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Room for a month whilst I look for apartment? (Karlsruhe)

Hello Karlsruhe!!
I am thinking of paying for shared accommodation for my first month in Karlsruhe, whilst I look around and find my bearings! If anybody has a room they would like to rent out for the month of April just to start with, whilst I settle down in this new city and work out where I'd like to live, kindly let me know! It would´t even be for a whole month, as I'd be arriving on the 5th of April for one week, then leaving for a week, and coming back around the 19th to find and move into an apartment until August. I will be teaching and studying in Germersheim (Interpreting Department) twice a week, and working wherever my job takes me the rest of the week (or translating from home).
Look forward to your answers! Best from Malaga, Katie

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