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Top 10 Questions Expats should consider and Must A (Karlsruhe)

Top 10 Questions Expats should consider and Must Ask Themselves

1. Why do I really want to move overseas? (What is my primary motivation?)
2. What lifestyle do I want overseas? (And can I afford it?) (And is it possible or available in my host country of choice?)

3. Will I be able to make a living in my new host country? (Or is my retirement portfolio sufficient for this?)

4. If things don’t work out or we change our minds, will we be able to return home and resume our lives? (Will we be able to afford to move back?) (Once back will we be able to find employment again?)

5. How does each member of the family feel about the move? The decision must be mutual between partners. Children won’t ultimately decide, but should be made to feel their opinions were taken into account, regardless of the final decision taken. Will I (will our family) truly benefit from relocating abroad?

6. Did I fully research housing, schooling, employment, transportation, healthcare, and everything else I’ll need overseas?

7. Could I (or could my family) benefit from some additional preparation before relocating overseas (language courses, culture transition coaching, career coaching, etc.)

8. Do I (does our family) have a plan for repatriation in case of emergencies? (And should this happen could we afford it, and where would we return to?)

9. Are there any options we should leave OPEN prior to moving? (Would my employer take me back if I return, should I keep my business partially open until I’m certain, etc.)

10. Am I (are we) truly willing to blend into local life, accept the things we are not accustomed to, and thrive despite the changes?

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