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A New Preschool Nursery and Preschool That I Can R (Kathmandu)

Hello there Everyone,

Wanted to go ahead and give everyone a headsup on and strongly recommend a new nursery and

preschool in the northern part of of KTM called Baal Bagaan, The Kids Club, in Mandhikhatar which is near Chakrapath and Maharagunj (fairly near U.S. and Australian Embassies and the
Bhat Bhateni).

I have had my almost three year old son there for a few months and it has been great for him and the other children attending there. They currently have only about 11 openings for the just commenced new school year and to wit at a fantastic price/benefits ratio in my
opinion (a bargain) with their introduction year pricing. Also had a niece attend there that similarly benefited from the school before leaving for Europe.

Most importantly, my wife and I feel as ease and secure with the safety and well-being of our child there at the Baal Bagaan school.

It has just about everything a concerned parent would desire for their or your little one.

There are great facilities like educational toys, good fun and a child friendly based education, a high level safety in regards to the school premises, a founder and teachers trained in early childhood development, a high level of cleanliness and hygiene along with
high standards in food safety as well.

Highlights are:

The interior has several different rooms used for play, activities, dining, an enclosed kitchen, audio visual area and the like, Very Child Friendly.

The exterior has a large patio yard, play ground, swings and slide, a covered sand box area and a grassy adjoining area. Again Child Friendly.

They've even got a sickbay medical isolation room in case a child is ill so he or she won't get the other children sick.

The visionary founder, Pragya Koirala, has an MBA from an Australian University and early childhood education training and she is backed up by a principal and board with extensive years of educational service at Kathmandu University and elsewhere with doctorates in
education from U.S. universities. Pragya's infant daughter is herself usually there at the school as well. The teaching staff and aides similarly are gems. Children are always supervised by someone and are never left alone.

The curriculum is basically based on education and enrichment through fun activities and learning.

The school uses primarily English as it's medium of instruction and other languages may possibly be in the works in the future.

Extra hours and days and event assistance beyond the normal Protected content 330 hours (Sunday to Friday) are also available.

Security is good with a kept shut gate, security guard at the entrance and CCTV of all the rooms in the school and more.

You can check them out and contact Mrs. Pragya at:

Protected content

Protected content

Phone: Protected content outside Nepal Protected content
Email: Protected content or Protected content

If you need information from a parent's perspective you can email me as well at: Protected content .

Best Wishes and Luck to all.

Rick Cannone

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