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Alfa Gravity now in Kathmandu valley

Alfa-Gravity is a method of activating your physical, psycho-emotional, energy and creativity potential.

What it gives:

1. Protected content muscles, ligaments and fascia get stronger.

2. Protected content of energy, releasing of muscle clamps.

3. Protected content flexibility develops, strengthening of the spine.

4. Protected content joints after traumas.

5. Protected content to a huge body-motor opening, activates pure brain functioning.

6. Protected content you always be fit, regardless of age.

7. Protected content for everyone, your fitness level and age do not matter. Advantages of the technique:

So, for an hour of training, you get manual therapy – yoga – power exercises – stretching – high quality fitness of the mind and the body. Freedom and an ocean of energy. While the spine is stretched, it automatically activates the central nervous system. Nerve impulses travel from brain to hands, legs, all of the body’s angles. Movements become gracious and light, coordination and agility increase. The body is freed from the tension, built up over the years and held stuck while blocking creative, physical, and psycho-emotional potential. And now all this energy is on the freedom!

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