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Driver and Rider Training (Kathmandu)

Does your driver get you in hairy situations?
Do you ride a motorcycle in Kathmandu?
Have you considered driving to Pokhara for the weekend? or Mustang or anywhere out of the valley?
Have you experienced a vehicle accident in Nepal?
Would you like to improve your awareness and skills on two and four wheels?

Well if you do, drop me a line on Protected content or Protected content . I am Institute of Advanced Motorists trained to F1RST standard on car and motorcycle and I have done some observer training. Basically I can help you improve, help your driver improve and reduce the chances of vehicle accidents.

Nepal is a tough driving environment with all sorts of crazy stuff happening everyday, there are no real rules, just guidelines. Fortunately the road speeds are low enough that most accidents are avoided because they are within normal human reaction time. Get out of the valley and the situation changes rapidly with more accidents and fatalities occurring out there.

Applying advanced techniques to driving and riding results in the following benefits:
1. you arrive safely.
2. you often get there QUICKER - it is a myth to assume that advanced driving and riding means going slower
3. you will experience less 'incidents and hairy moments'
4. you will have a smoother, more relaxed journey
5. you will learn techniques and tips that can be applied in ANY country and any driving environment.
6. your fuel consumption will drop
7. your vehicle maintenance costs will drop

I am not formally qualified, therefore I am not looking to set up a business and seek formal payment. If you find what I teach to be valuable to you then compensate me as you see fit. I normally accept beer, lunch, USD and NPR :-))

If you would like to learn more about IAM training check their website on Protected content

If youd like to take me for a ride just to get some honest feedback on your driving, thats okay as well, I guarantee you will learn something and you might just make a friend in the process.

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