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Endless Power outages - Need Power Solutions? (Kathmandu)

Gham Power Private Limited provides Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems for residential & commercial buildings, bringing the highest quality solar technology to Nepal at affordable prices via its exclusive partnership with US-based Solar Power Inc, and with Nepal-based Clean Energy Development Bank that provides financing. Gham Power provides Solar PV systems that are reliable, affordable, and clean at costs lower than generator. For more information visit Protected content or contact Moon Pradhan on email: Protected content

To date, we have been commissioned to install about Protected content worth of solar PV systems for both residential and commercial needs – we cater for both the expat and local communities. In addition to about 50 residences, our clients include the US Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Druk Amitabha Monastery, Amaghar (an orphanage in Godawari), UN residential homes, etc.

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