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Housing/Apartment in Bhaktapur (Kathmandu)


My landlord, very nice Nepali people, has another apartment that they are wanting to rent to someone who will be here for a short time. The price is around $200 per month or a bit more for shorter stays. Pictures are available on request.

It is a fully furnished one bedroom apartment with a lovely view of the rice/wheat fields, Changu Narayan Village and even the Himalayas on a clear day. It is in a nice, quiet neighborhood and is about a five minute walk to the old city. I seem to be the only westerner in the neighborhood, but everyone is so nice and respectful to me I feel like a celebrity sometimes. Even at my age I am still turning heads-because many people haven't ever been that close to an actual westerner before.

As one expat to another, I wholeheartedly recommend Nepal as a place for a fresh start or a paradise to retire to. I also strongly recommend Bharktapur over Kathmandu because it is a bit cooler in the summer time, higher elevation so there is much less pollution, daily litter and garbage pick up throughout the city so it is very clean, no cars are allowed in the old city, and Bhaktapur is absolutely beautiful and peaceful and less than 10 KM from Kathmandu.

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