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ITALIAN FOOD FILM FESTIVAL - Every Tuesday (Kathmandu)

The Second Italian Food and Film Festival continues!
We are very happy to present a very interesting movie this tuesday, 7th of May at Black Pepper, 6.00 pm.
It is one of our favourites, it competed at the Protected content Film Festival and it does well represent the new wave of artistic movie direction in Italy.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH - L'ULTIMO TERRESTRE - screened at Black Pepper Cafè and Pub - Jamsikhel - (please find movie details below)

Tramezzino agli Asparagi e Uova - Asparagus and Egg Sandwich
Lasagne al Ragù di Carne (Meat Lasagna) - VEGETARIAN OPTION AVAILABLE
Strudel di Mele (Apple Strudel)

Please email to book in advance at Protected content or call Protected content 950 Rupees Protected content % Discount on Italian wine bottle -



L‘Ultimo Terrestre
[The Last Man on Earth]
First feature by graphic novelist Gianni Pacinotti is easy to like in its moments of creative absurdity, but goes farther, injecting extremely dark dramatic elements

Offering the ironic touch of humor that the other Italian films in Protected content competition lacked, The Last Man on Earth gently spoofs the human condition and the banal vulgarity of Italian society in a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi script freely inspired by Giacomo Monti’s comic book.
As the film opens, alien scouts are on Earth to prepare for a general landing, and no one knows exactly what this is going to mean for life as they know it. The Pope has already written an encyclical on the subject. The caller to a late night radio show expresses concern that the top soccer clubs are going to pay big money for alien players who will destroy Italian sport. But most people just calmly go about their business, with one more thing to worry about.
Hero of the story is the unprepossessing Luca (Gabriele Spinelli), whose big eyes, slit-like mouth and triangular face give him a bit of an E.T. look to begin with; at least, he’s a good representative of human alienation. An attendant in a bingo parlor, Luca is a lonely soul whose love life is limited to rendezvousing with over-the-hill hookers and spying on his attractive neighbor Anna (Anna Bellato) through plastic binoculars sold door-to-door for alien-watching.
Shot with great attention to picture and lighting, the movie moves from dark and gruesome episodes to lighter moments of apparent happiness, always maintaining a peculiar sensation of coldness. The arrival of aliens on planet Earth, thus the movie title, will drastically change the curse of things, but, and here lies the director’s ability, the events are treated with a sarcastic feeling and the cleverly sought low-tech costumes are to be appreciated for their ironical touch.

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