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jobs in kathmandu (Kathmandu)

Does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to actually find a job in Kathmandu? Me and my husband are looking to move there this spring. He is Nepali, so it will be easier for him. My educational background is in Women's Studies and I am now a self taught graphic designer hoping to find some part time work in this field. I have given up on my dreams of working with the many non profits that help women as I do not have a masters degree or relevant work experience. I also have many years of work experience in childcare. Also, anyone know of a good and inexpensive language school so I can better my Nepali? Is it possible to come into the country on a tourist visa and then to get a work visa after finding a job? Please help with any answers or advice as this will help us to decide whether moving there is a good idea. thank you!
Laurel Hopper

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