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Kathmandu Guide

Nepal is infact the most beautiful placess one can visit but very wrongly managed.So if you are planning to come to nepal there are many ways you can enjoy your stay here.You get all types of hotel to suit everyones budget and nepalese people are very warm hearted and friendly so if you ask them they are always ready to help but you should avoid junkies ,people wearing mundras ,having wild tatoos.English is widely understood though some may not be able to revert prompt and fluently.

Things not to do:
Wear vulnerable dress,Flaunt expensive items when walking alone,Take lift in four wheeler,Eat unknown things.

Things to do:
Try out Nepalese cuissines,Visiti Traditional placess like temples,go for bunjee jumping,trekking,cycling,Visit NGOS, Watch Nepalese movies.

If you need any specific information please feel free to mail me.

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