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Moving to Kathmandu with two dogs

Hi there,

My husband and me will probably be moving to Kathmandu this summer and we'll stay for some years.
We will bring our two beagles with us and are interested if anyone has experiences about bringing dogs to Nepal. Of course we know how it works theoretically but we are interested if someone experienced something unexpected so that we could prepare their move even better.
Moreover I would grateful for a short info if it's possible to do some hikes or walks around Kathmandu Valley with dogs.
I've seen that the Internations community sometimes organizes hikes for the members. Would it theoretically be possible to bring our dogs?

Thanks for your help and see you soon!

PS: yes, we know that there are lots of street dogs in Kathmamdu but that still wouldn't keep us from bringing our beagles as they definitely belong to the family. (just in case someone thought of suggesting this ;) )

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