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moving to Nepal ,soon (Kathmandu)

I currently live in very rural Big Island Hawaii and my girlfriend and i are thinking seriously about moving to nepal. we are look at some where in the pahplu to Lukla area. we have never been to nepal but are planning a trip then the move.
everyone ive seen who has moved to Nepal live around KTM sort of . we are looking to grow our own food live out the rest of our lives in a place more mellow than the US and if Romney and his croanies get into office we are out of here.we are both in the tv film business so we figure with our skill we could get on 1 or several expeditions to the Everest area a year for some income,been doing it for 25 years with own location sound gear.
any one got any info on expat up into the Khumbu or solu i believe regions,any advice comments etc,
any thing would be helpful

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