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My Fellowship in Nepal (Kathmandu)

Hi all,

I just arrived in Kathmandu last week and am about to embarck on a three-month fellowship with the Women's Reproductive Rights Program. I am so excited to be here! I'm staying in Thamel for now.

I just wanted to write to the group and introduce myself as I will be here for a while and don't know many people. Also, I have a blog that you can check out if you are interested in my work with WRRP!

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I will primarily be working on WRRP's program to reduce the prevalence in Nepal of uterine prolapse, or fallen womb, which occurs when the pelvic muscles become too weak to hold the uterus in its normal position. Although a preventable and treatable disease, gender discrimination and inadequate access to information have contributed to a high prevalence of the condition in Nepal. WRRP approaches the prevalence of uterine prolapse as a women's rights issue and seeks to address the underlying causes.

Also, if you know of anyone you think may be interested in my work or with whom you would like me to be in contact, please feel free to forward far and wide this information, my blog site, and my email ( Protected content ) or send me their contact information! If you are interested in contributing to the project, please visit my fundraising site at Protected content - any small amounts are profoundly appreciated!

I hope to stimulate enriching discussions about the reproductive rights issues affecting Nepali women on my blog (and vlog!) throughout the summer so please comment if you have any thoughts about an entry. In addition, you can follow me on Twitter: @heatherjwebb.

If you have any other comments, questions, or suggestions for me, please pass them along!

Best regards,


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