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Nepal Earthquake - Is Everyone Well? (Kathmandu)

Greetings Kathmandu Inter-Nations community. Great love and feeling goes out to all who have experienced tragedy and loss during these past two weeks since the Earthquake.

I was in Thamel for a business meeting when the quake struck. Sitting in the courtyard of the Kathmandu Guesthouse watching the flowers begin to shake and then the violence struck. Huddled together with about twenty others as far from the sides of the buildings as possible. To date the most surreal moment of my life.

Yet I was fortunate. The loss that I sustained was just emotional. So many have lost everything and still reports come in.

At this point our organization is planning to organize a small service team just for loss sustained in our neighborhood. With so many large scale efforts going on it seemed best to help closest to us. Please let me know if there are other ways of helping or needs that I can pass along.

Signing off.... (peace)

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