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Nepal Relief Fundraiser (Kathmandu)

Hey all! A friend of mine is in Zambia, fundraising through "hiking" the Victoria Falls Half Marathon. Please consider donating a few bucks to Nepal, and help with his efforts! From him:

"I want to do something to encourage people to donate, and I’ve decided on something that, to me at least, seems fitting. The Nepali people, especially those from the foothills of the Himalayas (Sherpas, Tamang), are strong, kind, and resilient people. In honor of their strength and resiliency, I want to complete the Victoria Falls half marathon, but by hiking, rather than running. I will carry my backpack with Protected content , including water. Anyone who wants to support me can donate to one of the following groups that I have selected, and if you wish, sponsor some of the weight I am carrying. I am suggesting a minimum of $10/lb. Please, feel free to give more, as any contributions go directly to those doing great work on the ground. Once my pack is ‘full’, I will carry the names of additional supporters with me, along with any messages you might like to share.
As for the groups I have selected, I decided to provide a few options, two through the crowdrise website, and one from indiegogo. For those wishing to donate to both immediate and long term relief, with a focus on sustainable development and livelihoods, there is the dZi foundation, Saprinu, and ABARI. Saprinu works in the village of Archale, Nepal, with a focus on childrens education and a holistic approach to development, and was founded by my good friend Brooke Laura. dZi works in many different locations throughout the foothills of the Himalayas, focusing on livelihood generation, education, and health projects. ABARI is a Nepali organization that promotes earthquake proof adobe and bamboo structures, and is currently producing canvas tents for emergency shelter, field hospitals, etc. All three of these groups do great work, and while dZi is the most well known of them, your money will be well used whichever you choose.
Thank you for any support, share this around, and let us all pull together to help the Nepali people get back on their feet. Namaste, jai nepal.
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